Symetrix Offers ‘Professional Services’ Team To Provide Project Design Support for Integrators

Symetrix Professional ServicesSymetrix has added a team called “Professional Services,” available for integrators to leverage the knowledge of Symetrix Applications Engineers to provide engineering support for projects. An in-house team of Symetrix Applications Engineers is available to review a system design to ensure the selected hardware will work in a system.

Services from Symetrix Professional Services include the following:

  • Custom Site File Programming: Symetrix Professional Services can generate a quote, based on the I/O list and system description, to create a complete Composer site file that’s ready to be uploaded to the system. Programming is always specific to each project and is available as a line item that can be added to a specification or project bid.
  • Custom Intelligent Module Creation: Intelligent Modules expand the capabilities of a DSP to provide customizable control of third-party products and powerful manipulation of control data within a system. Symetrix Professional Services can create custom Intelligent Modules using Lua scripting for any ecosystem.
  • Remote Commissioning Services: Symetrix Professional Services can schedule a Symetrix Application Engineer to be available during all phases of on-site setup and commissioning.
  • On-site Commissioning Services: Symetrix Professional Services can schedule a Symetrix Applications Engineer to provide on-site assistance with the setup and commissioning of a system.

Free pre-sales engineering support also includes hardware and software functionality assistance, design verification, design assistance and advanced system functionality support. The Symetrix Pro-Services Request Form can be found here.