Why We Are Switching to the BenQ PD2710QC Monitor

We do a lot of desktop-publishing. A lot. And, we do video — in fact, we post more video annually to the web than nearly every mainstream news site on earth. In 2017, so far, we’ve posted over 6,500 videos. Yes, that’s more than 17 videos per day, on average, 365 days a year.

We all have a multi-monitor desktop — a computer and two, three (and some of us have four) monitors connected at the same time — from the same computer. So, we need good, quality monitors.

We’ve been using, and loving, the Apple Cinema displays as our secondary, third and sometimes fourth displays. But, Apple decided they weren’t going to make them anymore. So, we went out hunting for the perfect 27” companion to our 27” iMacs and MacBook Pros and we all decided on the BenQ QHD resolution (2560×1440) PD2710QC monitor.

The BenQ PD2710QC monitor isn’t just a 2560×1440 resolution display — it’s part of the company’s “Designer Series” of color-corrected displays and it natively uses USB-C (and since we’re all Apple all the time, USB-C is something we’ve come to know, and love). So, we wanted a monitor that had USB-C natively. But, we’re also color-snobs. The PD2710QC has 100% sRGB color space coverage and we know that’s not just a spec they threw in there.

It’s not cheap. In fact, each one carries a $599 price-tag — a lot when you consider that every monitor company makes $300 2560×1440 resolution displays, too. But, the colorimetry and the convenience of routing everything through an included docking station was what made this a slam-dunk for us.

So, if you’re a color-snob, want USB-C, need high-res desktop or multi-monitor connectivity, check out the BenQ PD2710QC monitor. All the details are here.