SurgeX Announces Control4 Certified Products

surgex-control4-0713SurgeX has announced that the Axess SX-AX15, Axess Elite SX-AX15E and Axess Ready SA-82-AR are now Control4 Certified. The Axess line is an IP-addressable, surge eliminating, power conditioning and management system that allows monitoring and control of power distribution platforms via the Internet 24/7. Integrators can remotely customize, synthesize and monitor individual outlets and power settings on integrated IP-enabled devices, for a grid-like view of Axess installations. Custom sequences can be created across the entire network with e-mail notifications sent about power phenomena, based on user-defined conditions.

Axess and Axess Elite feature SurgeX’s patented core technology — Advanced Series Mode (ASM) Surge Elimination Technology. SurgeX says the ASM Technology is completely non-sacrificial and eliminates surge energy without producing harmful side effects such as ground contamination or common-mode disturbances. This proprietary technology protects AV and other equipment from power disturbances that can disrupt sound quality and digital performance, and is part of a professional grade power product line offering greater protection than traditional surge suppression solutions.

Here are more details.