SurgeX Adds XN120 to Their Eliminator Series

XN120 0510

SurgeX launchedXN120-0510 the compact XN120 last week – a 120-volt/80-amp hardwired as a subpanel at the service panel or the equipment room. It’s designed to provide failsafe protection required for multiple circuits.

Engineered with professional grade Advanced Series Mode Surge Elimination Technology and Impedance Tolerant EMI/RFI noise filtering, SurgeX says the XN120 is the only NEMA enclosure protection product in the market that eliminates surges and transients that can degrade AV system performance and shorten service life. And, since it’s mounted on the wall, the XN120 frees up rack space and eliminates the need for individual powerline conditioners. In most installations, there are panels located in each room that, until now, have needed to be protected separately. But, with the XN120, there is no need to protect each individual panel with a powerline conditioner at every site. When the panels are connected to a single circuit and fed through the XN120, the SurgeX unit will protect each panel on that circuit. There’s no in wall extension cords, nor individual units to install and maintain. One XN120 circuit will protect an average of 8 panels. In addition, every outlet powered by the XN120 is protected even though there is no PLC at the rack.

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