Superb Color: Accurate, Dynamic Video Walls for Inspiring Signage


Think about the power of the video wall. High impact, excellent image quality, 24/7 operation, bright colors, the list goes on. But imagine high-impact video walls that can be created using fewer monitors with less bezel interruption across the entire video wall.

Sharp’s PN-V701 display was specifically developed for use in multi-monitor installations and can be displayed in a variety of orientations. Additionally, with a combined bezel width of just 4.4mm, large images on the video wall appear natural and almost seamless. Whether in shopping malls, airports or other public spaces a video wall expands the creative possibilities of visual communication.

Convey your message with clarity using the Sharp PN-V701. And right now Almo Professional AV is offering FREE freight on the PN-V701 and ANY AQUOS Board. Hurry, this offer ends Dec. 31, 2017.

More information is here.