Sunfire Intros In-Wall Subwoofer

Sunfire announced this month the introduction of the Sunfire HRSIW8, an in-wall dual-driver 8” subwoofer. It features Sunfire’s Stillbass anti-shake technology, which the company says “virtually eliminates mechanical vibration,” improving bass definition while helping to contain the bass to the room in which it is mounted. Sunfire says the Stillbass technology, coupled with its High Back-emf designed woofers, helps provide pounding audiophile-grade bass from a subwoofer that retrofits into a standard 16” on-center stud bay.

The HRSIW8 features two custom-designed 8” long-throw woofers using ultra low mass fiberglass cones in a sealed cabinet that measures 12.2”W x 24.7”H x 3.75”D, and only requires a wall cutout of 10.6”W x 23.5”H. A wire channel is provided on the rear of the enclosure to avoid pinching the wire between the enclosure and the back of the drywall inside the opening. Easily removable magnetic grilles and a cutout template for easy installation are provided.

The HRSIW8’s external rack-mount amplifier is an evolution of the Sunfire digital amplifier used in the company’s SDS subwoofer line. Using Sunfire’s Frequency Filtration Design (FFD) for high fidelity bass, the amp delivers 520 watts of power. A wide range of filtering adjustments are included as well as DSP with room equalization and a remote control that provides one-touch access to preset equalizer modes.

The HRSIW8 has an MSRP of $1,700 and features a frequency response of 33Hz-150Hz, maximum output of 106dB, balanced and unbalanced line level inputs, gold plated speaker terminals and adjustable high-pass and low pass filters.

The HRSIW8 isn’t on Sunfire’s website yet, but when it is, it will be here.