The Six Requirements for a Successful Tablet Kiosk Deployment


By Brad Hintze
VP of Marketing, MokiMobility

We just published a new tool to help in the successful planning and deployment of any tablet kiosk project, the Tablet Kiosk Vitals: Cheatsheet. This new cheatsheet covers everything you need for your tablet project, from start to finish. Download your copy here: Tablet Kiosk Vitals: Cheatsheet.

The Tablet Kiosk Vitals infographic covers 6 main parts of tablet deployment:

1. The details of your project, deployment size, phased rollout plans, goals, etc. – As with any project, it’s helpful to get all of the details down. This includes, the number of devices you plan on deploying, what kind of rollout are you going to do, who will use the device, why and where.

2. The content and experience: What content or app experience are you going to create? Are you going to use off-the-shelf apps and content or create a custom app just for your deployment. In this section we help you understand some of the variables you should consider in your choice of apps and content.

3. Key app characteristics: Not every app is suited for kiosk deployment. Actually, most apps are not well-suited for kiosk deployments. Here are some key characteristics any app you consider should have.

This article was reprinted with permission from the Digital Screenmedia Association and originally appeared here.