Study With Steph — Lesson 8: Networks (Not the Social Kind)

sws 8

In today’s episode of Study With Steph, I catch up with my pal, Justin Kennington, to help me with networks. We answer the following questions: What is a network? Why does topology matter? What the heck is up with Ethernet (I previously thought it was just a cable. It is not just a cable.)

For clarification purposes, I’ll note that Justin doesn’t have a CTS certification, but I thought he would be the perfect person to walk me through this chapter because he’s 1) funny 2) way smart and 3) a blast to talk to. Enjoy us going over networks between fits of laughter, #AVtweeps!

As promised, below you can check out a picture of the Open Systems Interconnection model. We touch on this a few different times, so feel free to follow along using this. The OSI model is also mentioned in Chapter Six of the CTS Exam Study Guide, so feel free to follow along there as well.

If you have read the entire networks chapter and still need a little help conceptualizing the concepts, Justin recommends checking out the SDVoE Academy and logging into a few of the courses there. (I have an account and can agree that the courses are pretty helpful!) Check that out here.