Study With Steph — Lesson 7: Video Killed the Radio Star

sws 7

I took a few weeks to rearrange my episode structure, and now I am back here with all of you — and I am ready to learn! If you’re still following the CTS Exam Guide, I’m so sorry that the chapters no longer match the episode numbers. I will let you know we are still on Chapter 5 — I just thought it would make sense to split them into an episode only on light and an episode specifically on video.

That was my long-winded way of saying welcome to the episode on video! I invited my new friend Karl Rosenberg on with me, and he is just the dude for the job (as the mid-Atlantic regional application specialist for Extron and with 32 years in our industry — y’all can rest assured he knows his stuff).

Karl also conducts Extron training in both the U.S. and abroad — and he’s taught technical courses at almost every stateside trade show you can think of. Buckle up, #AVtweeps. This is a fun one.