Study With Steph — Lesson 6: Blinding Lights

sws 6

Now that I have some extra time to study for the CTS exam, I decided to take my time with this next section. Instead of hopping right into understanding video systems, I invited Sony Electronics Professional’s Chrissy Sara to discuss some concepts of light with me.

As it happens, light works similarly to sound! Chrissy and I discuss the similar concepts and some ways of keeping all the facts straight. She also helps me delve into a few *physics* concepts.

So, if you need a little help with the video section of the exam, this is a great place to start!

P.S. Chrissy and I are loosely following the beginning of Chapter 5 in the CTS Exam Guide (Third Edition.)

P.P.S. The next episode will cover more specific video systems concepts — so if you’re looking for that, join me next time!