Study With Steph — Lesson 3: The Analog vs. Digital Episode

sws 3

Hello #AVtweeps, this week’s podcast is a support group for any of you who have ever had trouble understanding the difference between analog and digital signals. Or, alternatively, if you understand the difference by concept but not by much of anything else. Tom Kehr, systems designer and trainer at Almo Pro A/V, was kind and patient enough to spend the time walking me through this. He jumps right in with a presentation, so you may find the video component slightly more helpful than the audio this week! Tom and I go over the differences between these two signals, and he walks me through the part I was least looking forward to for this lesson — the calculations.

So, if you have found you need a little help with bit rate, bit depth and signal compression during your CTS studies — this episode is for you!

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