Studio Technologies Updates Dante Intercom Audio Engine

StudioTechStudio Technologies announces the first major update for its Model 5422 Dante Intercom Audio Engine. The Model 5422 is a solution for creating digital party-line (PL) intercom circuits and other specialized audio functions. It is optimized for use with Dante-compatible products such as intercom beltpacks, user stations and announcer’s consoles. The new firmware builds on the unit’s performance, adding improved audio clarity, additional features and enhanced channel naming capability.

Using Dante audio-over-Ethernet technology with AES67 support, the Model 5422 provides the flexibility to be used in a variety of entertainment, sports broadcast and streaming events. Resources include support for party-line (PL), talent cueing (IFB), audio mixing, audio control and Dante interfacing. The unit features low-latency 32-bit digital processing for excellent sonic quality. The Model 5422 is available in two versions — one with 32 input and output channels, and the other with 64 input and output channels.

The unit’s new firmware adds sophisticated Auto Mix functionality that will provide enhanced audio intelligibility and level control for optimal audio performance. Implemented in high-speed programmable logic, the Auto Mix performance will meet or exceed the demands required for professional audio applications. Three new group modes have been added to the configurable resources. Two of the modes add Auto Mix capability for party line intercom and summing bus (unity gain mixer) applications. The third mode, Audio Switching, allows control of multiple Dante audio channels using high-frequency audio tones generated by a range of other Studio Technologies products. Also improved is the ability to name Dante channels within the Model 5422, offering a superior experience when configuring the unit and establishing group, mode and channel names.

Users can more easily manage the Model 5422’s capabilities with an updated web page design. Additionally, the level trim range for all Dante transmitter (output) channels has been increased to ±20 decibels, matching the capability of the Model 5422’s Dante receiver (input) channels.