Studio Technologies Releases Model 44D Dante Audio Interface

studio-tech_44d_front-1116Studio Technologies just introduced the new Model 44D, an audio interface that takes two channels of analog line-level audio to and from applications that utilize Dante audio-over-Ethernet media networking technology. Two Model 44D units can also provide one-to-one signal paths, two in each direction, over a standard local area network (LAN).

Dante audio-over-Ethernet provides an easy-to-use, high-quality audio “backbone” for a variety of fixed and field audio infrastructures, with deployment increasing dramatically over recent years. The Model 44D is a general-purpose tool that helps to expand Dante’s capabilities to facilities and equipment that primarily support signals in the analog domain and its key features reflect this. The Model 44D also supports transport of contact closures or status signals between Model 44Ds and other compatible products. Each unit provides two general-purpose inputs (GPIs) and two general-purpose outputs (GPOs). In-band audio signals (20 kHz tones) are used to transport the signals through the Dante paths.

Two line-level audio inputs use standard three-pin female XLR connectors for easy interfacing with balanced and unbalanced sources. The input audio signals are converted to 24-bit digital and then transported via the Dante interface. Two digital audio signals arrive via the Model 44D’s Dante interface and are then converted to analog. Two three-pin male XLR connectors on the unit’s back panel provide balanced line-level outputs. A nine-pin D-subminiature connector, also located on the back panel, is used to interface with the GPI and GPO signals.

For compatibility with SMPTE and EBU applications, a configuration choice allows the nominal level of the input signals to be +4 or 0 dBu. The unit provides two analog line-level output channels, which can also be set to +4 or 0 dBu. Both inputs and outputs are electronically balanced, capacitor coupled and ESD (static) protected.

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The Model 44D provides four 5-segment LED meters located on the front panel. These display the level of the audio signals associated with the two line inputs and two line outputs. At the time of installation and setup, the meters are invaluable in helping to confirm correct operation. During normal operation the meters offer direct confirmation of the unit’s audio signal levels, helping to ensure optimal audio quality.

The Model 44D’s operating power can be provided by way of the Ethernet interface using the Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) standard. The unit can also be powered using an external source of 12 volts DC. The Model 44D connects to a data network using a standard 100 Mb/s twisted-pair Ethernet interface, with the physical interconnection made by way of a Neutrik etherCON RJ45 connector. The compact, lightweight enclosure is applicable for tabletop or portable applications. To support rack-mounting optional front panels are also available.

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