Studio Technologies Introduces Portable Truck-End Unit for its Live-Link Mini Camera Interface System

studio-technologies-0815Studio Technologies has introduced a new, portable truck-end unit for its Live-Link Mini Remote Camera Interface System. Broadcasters now have three options to interconnect with the system’s compact camera-end unit, including two rack-mount truck-end units and the new portable truck-end version. Each allows a system to be optimized to get the right “fit” for a wide range of applications.

Live-Link Mini provides all the resources needed for a range of single-camera live events. Interconnected through one single-mode optical fiber, the system delivers the same, solid performance whether the camera-end and truck-end units are hundreds of feet or miles apart.

Housed in a lightweight aluminum enclosure that includes an integrated carry handle, the portable truck-end unit weighs less than four pounds, making it well-suited for “run-and-gun” operations in which the quick transport and setup of broadcast equipment is essential. Highlights of the unit include dual SDI outputs (active “mults”), two analog de-embed audio outputs and dual-channel party-line (PL) intercom support. The PL intercom interface can provide power for user belt packs or can be connected to an existing powered system.

For flexibility, the portable truck-end unit can be powered by two DC power sources. A four-pin XLR connector on the front panel allows a 12V DC power supply to be connected. A battery mount, located on the back of the unit’s cover, is compatible with industry-leading Anton/Bauer batteries. An optional V-Mount battery mount can be provided to allow for use of other broadcast-standard rechargeable batteries.

The Live Link Mini Remote Camera Interface System offers one SDI path in each direction, supporting a wide range of SD-, HD- and 3G video signals making it work as a camera extender system for electronic news gathering (ENG), uplink truck and specialized broadcast, corporate and education applications. For quick and reliable field deployment, the camera- and truck-end units interconnect using one single-mode optical fiber. Standard optical, video and audio connectors are used throughout. Unlike other systems from the Live-Link family, the Mini’s camera-end unit relies on the associated camera or camcorder to embed on-air audio signals into audio group 1 of the source SDI signal.

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