Studio Technologies Announces Model 545DC and 545DR Intercom Interfaces

studio technologies model 545dc 545dr

Studio Technologies just announced the Model 545DC and Model 545DR Intercom Interfaces. The units allow users to utilize analog party-line (PL) intercom circuits with contemporary Dante Audio-over-Ethernet (AoE) applications.

The Model 545DC supports two single-channel PL intercom circuits and is directly compatible with single-channel analog party-line (PL) products from Clear-Com. The Model 545DR offers one two-channel interface and works directly with the RTS TW-series of two-channel analog intercom circuits. Both can interconnect with Dante-supported devices such as matrix intercom systems, digital audio processors, and audio consoles. The interfaces are also compatible with Studio Technologies’ line of Dante-enabled user beltpack, intercom station and intercom audio engine products.

The Model 545DC is designed for use with single-channel analog party-line (PL) intercom circuits that are commonly used in corporate, industrial, theater, entertainment and education applications. These PL circuits utilize one three-conductor cable to provide power and one channel of intercom audio. The audio path also includes a DC-based call function that the Model 545DC directly supports. The Model 545DR is intended for use in applications, typically broadcast, that provide two channels of analog PL on a single three-conductor cable. High-frequency call signals are combined with voice audio and are supported by the Model 545DR. Each interface is capable of providing DC power, allowing direct connection to a limited number of analog PL user devices.

Both the Model 545DC and Model 545DR can be powered by a Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) connection or an external source of 12 volts DC. An etherCON RJ45 jack is used to interface the units with a 100 MB/sec Ethernet signal. Standard three-conductor XLR connectors allow the analog party-line (PL) intercom circuits to be directly interconnected. For assistance during installation and troubleshooting, both the Model 545DC and Model 545DR contain two sets of five-segment LED level meters. Each set of two meters displays the level of signals being sent to and received from their associated party-line interface channel. Each unit has two analog hybrid functions that separate the PL intercom circuits’ send and receive audio channels. The software-controlled hybrid circuits provide high return loss and excellent audio quality.

Both units are housed in durable, lightweight aluminum half-rack enclosures and are intended for desk or tabletop use. Optional mounting kits allow for one or two units to be installed in one space (1U) of a standard 19-inch rack enclosure. A PoE Ethernet connection is all that’s required to make the Model 545DC and Model 545DR part of a sophisticated, networked audio system.

The Model 545DC and Model 545DR operating parameters are configured using the STcontroller software application.