Studio Technologies Adds to Dante Offerings with the Model 374 Intercom Beltpack

Studio-Tech_374_0616Studio Technologies introduces the new Model 374 Intercom Beltpack — a portable, four-channel intercom. The Model 374 incorporates Dante Audio-over-Ethernet network media technology to support a wide range of applications from sports and entertainment TV to radio events, streaming broadcasts, corporate and government AV installations and post-production facilities.

The Model 374’s key features include four independent talk and listen channels, configurable button operating modes, flexible audio-to-phones routing and power-over-Ethernet (PoE) powering. The Model 374 Intercom Beltpack starts with the features found in traditional party-line (PL) intercom user devices and adds a range of new user benefits, including the advanced performance and capabilities that Dante Audio-over-Ethernet capability provides. Multiple Model 374 units can be used in PL intercom applications over a standard IP network in conjunction with an external Dante-enabled audio matrix. Units can also be used “point-to-point” or directly interfaced with ports on compatible matrix intercom systems.

An etherCON RJ45 jack is used to interconnect with a PoE-enabled twisted-pair Ethernet port associated with a local-area network (LAN). This connection provides both power and bidirectional digital audio. A broadcast or intercom-style stereo or monaural headset with a dynamic microphone connects to the Model 374 via a 5-pin XLR connector. DIP switches and a software-based configuration section are used to establish the unit’s operating parameters.

Key user features can be easily configured, including preamplifier gain, independent talk button operation and individual-channel headphone signal routing. Additional features include integrated sidetone, remote microphone off and monitor-only headphone modes.

While configuration ease and flexibility are central to the Model 374, audio quality remains front and center. A low-noise, wide dynamic-range microphone preamplifier and associated dynamics controller (compressor) ensures that audio quality is preserved. The output of the microphone preamp and compressor is routed to an analog-to-digital conversion (ADC) section that supports a sampling rate of 48 kHz with a bit depth of 24.

The Model 374 introduction complements Studio Technologies’ Model 370 and 380 beltpacks that were recently introduced at NAB 2016. Like the 374, these products leverage the power of Dante and standard LAN networking to offer exciting new ways to meet the needs of sports and broadcast applications.

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