Studio Technologies Enhances Model 5422A Dante Intercom Audio Engine

studio technologies model 5422a

Studio Technologies announces the enhanced Model 5422A Dante Intercom Audio Engine. Like the original Model 5422, the new design is a cost-effective solution for creating party-line (PL) intercom circuits when used with Dante-compatible products. The “A” version offers a sophisticated Auto Mix function for enhanced party-line and audio mixing applications. The unit also includes expanded network connectivity with three Gigabit Ethernet ports, which can better meet the needs of larger, multinetwork installations. Additionally, the unit’s main and programmable logic firmware can now be updated using a standard USB flash drive.

The Model 5422A uses Dante audio-over-Ethernet technology to support a variety of broadcast, production, and related applications. In addition to creating “virtual” PL intercom circuits, the unit can provide many other Dante-based on-air, talent cueing (IFB), audio mixing and specialized interfacing resources. The Model 5422A features low-latency 32-bit digital processing for excellent sonic quality and is available in two versions — one with 32 input and output channels, and the other with 64 input and output channels.