StreamUnlimited and THX Partner to Deliver High-Quality Audio Streaming Solution

frontpage-iphonehand_lanade_med-0816StreamUnlimited has partnered with THX to bring a reference quality audio streaming solution to market. StreamUnlimited’s Stream810 flagship module will be designed to meet THX performance standards and will offer audio manufacturers the best possible reproduction of audio streaming. Furthermore, the parties plan to work together on future multi-room offerings that support HD audio (DSD, FLAC up to 384 kHz) and HD audio multi-channel streaming.

StreamUnlimited’s Stream810 will be a high-end streaming device for flagship audio products, including low power portable units. In conjunction with NPX’s iMX7 and Marvell’s 3×2 11ac Wi-Fi solution, Stream810 was conceived to provide audio manufacturers with a faster and more efficient turnaround time from design to sale without compromising reliable streaming technology. With Stream810, audio manufacturers will be able to incorporate the product into audio components for StreamSDK capabilities while reducing product and software development times.

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