Stream a little stream


revueToday (July 31st, 2011) is the day that some people have anticipated for some time since it original release and price tag of $300.00. After the chatter that Logitech’s Revue sales number weren’t anything next to great, rumors and inevitability have caught up to today.  Logitech has official put a price tag of $99 on its Google TV set top box and given its buyers the potential to run a Honeycomb-enabled, Android-driven streaming media player for a third of the original price (when the update is released in late summer). Now most people will say, “so what?” when there are other comparable or better products out there such as Apple TV , ROKU andBoxee . While I agree that each of those set top boxes has their each individual unique function and UIs (while still very similar), there is still something that makes me want to own a Revue. No, it’s not the fact that major networks are trying to ban content to it; it’s the keyboard and web browser capability.

Now yes, I did say that I want to buy the Revue but knowing that the “Revue 2” is going to be announced late summer, I think I’ll wait for that because it’s going to be Android 3.1 and have access to the Android market. Yes, I am personally attracted to it because of GOOGLE, but for now, I can get that web browser and cool keyboard action thanks to the good people at Samsung and the aid of their Smart Hub system. Huzzah! Check the vid after the break.

All you current Revue V1 users will get the update to 3.1 when V2 is announced and released. Will this dramatic price change be enough to entice people to finally make the leap to Logitech’s revue, or will they just wait like me and be satisfied with what options we currently have at our disposal? I think some people will be buying these up as they see them displayed as soon as you walk into any big box store (insert your personal favorite here______) because there will be a push to sell as many as possible just before Gen2 is being sold in its place.

Here’s a fun fact about streaming media and set top boxes:

As a custom integrator, I get to see a wide variety of audio video setups, because I design them, or they use existing equipment or they’re asked for specifically by the home owner or their kids. I personally have never installed a Google TV device at a client’s or friend’s house but know plenty of others who have. They generally in my experience, of course are Apple TVs (not in my designs, although it’s not my preference for a few reasons that I will have to cover in another post). Next in line would be a Roku box and a few Boxee boxes.

So go ahead, stream a little stream (in some form or another), starting at only ten of your hard earned Disco Hamiltons.