STRATACACHE Buys IZ-ON Media from Technicolor

stratacache-iz-on-715STRATACACHE today announced its acquisition of IZ-ON Media from Technicolor. IZ-ON Media is the leading digital media company specializing in in-store shopper marketing solutions that activate shoppers along the path to purchase right up to the point of sale.  The acquisition includes all existing relationships with top retailers.

IZ-ON Media helps retailers and brands build customer loyalty by focusing on three key areas — Consumer Experience, Shopper Technology and Insights and Network Operations. Retailers amplify shopper marketing initiatives and brands deliver customized messaging through a suite of in-store communications platforms — TV Wall, Radio, Checkout TV, Health and Wellness and interactive touchscreens. This strategic messaging allows retailers to add relevance to the in-store experience and brands to speak directly to targeted consumers while creating new revenue streams for the retailers.