STRATACACHE Announces Acquisition of Integration Company Sys-Teams

STRATACACHE has announced the acquisition of Sys-Teams, a UK-based integration company. With this acquisition, led by STRATACACHE Capital Managing Partner Dirk Huelsermann, STRATACACHE is positioning itself as a global solution and service delivery company, adding the 35-person Sys-Team team of technicians, engineers and installers to the current 750 employees STRATACACHE already has. Sys-Teams has focused its projects in the UK and EU and under STRATACACHE will expand to a broader reach across Europe, the Middle East and Africa beginning with Germany and the Benelux region, which have significant potential for short term growth in smart digital signage projects.

“This acquisition marks another milestone in STRATACACHE’s aggressive expansion strategy,” said Huelsermann. “With the addition of Sys-Teams, STRATACACHE further enhances the ability to serve as a worldwide solution provider, adding significant field services in the EU — a complement to current services in the Americas and Asia-Pacific region, including India, China and Australia. We’re fully prepared to lead global brands who are seeking to improve their retail customer experience.”

Of STRATACACHE’s 18 acquisitions in the past 15 years, this is the second major acquisition led by STRATACACHE Capital.