StormAudio Adds 20-Channel Immersive Audio Processor

Nantes, France – February 1, 2018  – At ISE 2018 StormAudio (stand 1-N122) will show its first 20-channel processor and its acclaimed 16-channel processor will take centerstage in 9.2.6 demos at the dARTS / DT Screens / Ineva Design stand (5-R80).  Other key StormAudio initiatives promoted include the brand’s addition of 9.1.6 native processing support, a 4-channel XLR expansion upgrade module and microphone kit used for room calibration and remote management.

20-Channel Preamp / Processor

StormAudio will unveil its first 20-channel processor, the ISP 3D.20 ELITE.  Equipped with 20-XLR outputs, the unit incorporates the same capabilities as the brand’s 16- and 32-channel models. This includes built-in compatibility with Auro-3D®, Dolby Atmos® and DTS:X™, Dirac Live® Room Calibration and StormMonitoring™ remote monitoring. Ships April 2018.

“The ISP 3D.20 ELITE is ideal for theatres that need more than 16-channels, for example those requiring multiple subwoofers or perhaps configured for all 3 Immersive Sound formats. MSRP is set at €13.000 ($16,000 in N. America) which is considerably less-expensive than competitor’s 16-channels ones,” says StormAudio’s Managing Director Yves Trélohan.

4-Channel Expansion Module / Mini-Kit for Remote Management and Room Calibration

New is a 4 XLR Upgrade Module (MSRP is €1.800 / $2,200 N. America) that adds 4 more channels to its analog 16-channel processor.

Beginning March, a microphone package (called Mini-Kit) is being packaged with all StormAudio preamp/processors (no additional cost). The kit includes a USB mic and pod, 2 USB/Cat5 adapters, 1 Cat5 5m USB cable and is used for remote monitoring and real-time analysis loudspeaker checks. It is also ideal for initial Dirac Live room calibration.

9.1.6 Support Added to Processors, Demo’d at ISE with dARTS / DT Screens / Ineva Design

The entire range of StormAudio processors now incorporate full 9.1.6 native processing support. StormAudio’s 16-channel ISP 3D.16 ELITE preamp / processor will be featured in the dARTS 10,000-watt 9.2.6-channel home theatre demo taking place at the dARTS stand (5-R80) along with their Cinema-Partners DT Screens and Ineva Design home-theatre seats.