Still Pushing The Button

Can you believe that I am still pushing the record button seven months later? In January I wrote about my experience with starting my own rAVe Radio podcast, Tech Chaos. I was super excited to be the host, producer and editor of my own show.

I still am. I am delighted to have the chance to talk with so many awesome #AVtweeps and people outside of the AV industry.


I find that I am not as nervous as I was for the first two shows. I say um less often. And while I will always be silly with a sense of humor, I adjust my level of silliness to best suite my guests. If they are goofy, it will be a goofy and fun show. If they are more serious, we can have a serious discussion.

I enjoy the flexibility of each show and discussing technology, sports, comics, anime, TV, movies, you name it! I am always looking for new guests, so if you want to be on an episode of Tech Chaos, let me know!