Stewart Filmscreen Launches LuminEsse ‘Edgeless’ Fixed Frame Wall Screen

stewart-luminesse-0215Stewart Filmscreen today announced the availability of LuminEsse — a new rigid front-projection wall screen system with an ‘edgeless’ design. Stewart says LuminEsse can be configured with any of Stewart Filmscreen’s 4K+ rated front projection materials, including FireHawk G4, GrayHawk RS G4 and StudioTek 130.

With an 3/8-inch thin bezel, LuminEsse has a seamless and contemporary frames design. The LuminEsse front-projection wall screen features an optional LED backlighting kit as a design element. According to Stewart, the LED lighting acts as bias lighting, relaxing the iris of the eye and causing less strain during extended viewing. When the screen is on, the multicolored perimeter lighting enriches onscreen content and when off, it can be used to set the mood of the room.

Available in sizes up to 120-inches (diagonal) in HD formats and in sizes up to 128-inches (diagonal) in Cinemascope configurations, the LuminEsse rigid front projection screen system utilizes Stewart’s wall mount system, making screen installation inexpensive, simple and fast. Additional mounting solutions will become available in the coming months.

Here are all the specs.