Stewart Filmscreen to Launch New Phantom High Ambient Light Rejecting Screen at CEDIA

stewart-phantom-0816Stewart Filmscreen will unveil something they are calling Phantom HALR, a high ambient light rejecting projection screen material. A flexible front projection material ideally designed for fixed-frame wall screen or electric roller screen applications, Phantom HALR is designed for day and night applications.

The Phantom HALR black screen technology has what Stewart is saying are four unique features:

  1. It’s seamless sizes up to 40- feet by 90-feet.
  2. It’s designed for use with most of Stewart’s fixed frame or ElectriScreen models.
  3. Phantom is available in Cinemaperf or Microperf X2 THX Ultra configurations for acoustic transparency.
  4. It’s what Stewart is calling “future-proof,” thanks to Stewart’s proprietary 16K+ resolution capabilities. The Phantom HALR is UHD and HDR-ready, and will calibrate out to REC 2020 or REC 709 standards.

Stewart also claims that test results reveal that Phantom HALR delivers over 30:1 contrast for a 2,000 lumen light output projector in a room with 20 foot-candles of ambient light and several sources of light hitting the screen surface at 40-degree angles. In high ambient light conditions with over 50 foot-candles of ambient light directly on the screen, Phantom achieves ANSI standard industry contrast ratio standards.

Neutral in both horizontal and vertical direction thanks to a proprietary multi-layer composition, Phantom HALR has no directional limitation. Because Phantom uniformly rejects ambient light across the full screen width and height, there is no “sweet spot axis.” Meaning, every seat in the house is the best, whether you’re sitting directly in front of the screen or off-center.

Here are the tech specs.