Stewart Filmscreen Intros Camera Mount for StarGlas Rear Projection Systems

Stewart Filmscreen Corporation has launched StarCam, an integrated camera housing for Stewart StarGlas laminated rear projection screen systems. Enabling videoconferencing for new and existing StarGlas installations, the StarCam provides a mount for video cameras in a clear glass port that is integrated into a black inlay border that frames the projected image. The system can be used with screens in multiple aspect ratios; however, the StarCam can be used with both new and existing 4:3 StarGlas rear projection systems. Stewart tells rAVe that 4:3 screens can be easily replaced with current 16:9 and 16:10 image sizes with the added value of the StarCam feature without disturbing the integrity of the existing opening or millwork, thereby minimizing construction costs.

You can find Stewart on the web here.