Stewart Filmscreen Partners With Top Brands at Integrated Systems Europe 2016

stewart-ultramatte-0216Stewart Filmscreen is partnering with top brands in the residential, commercial, and professional AV markets at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2016, February 9-12, in Amsterdam. Stewart Filmscreen’s ISE stand features products from Digital Projection, Christie Digital, PRIMA Cinema, Pro Audio Technology, and CinemaTech. The collaboration with these heavy-hitters in home theater, display technology, and audio promises some of the most stunning and lifelike images at ISE, along with an immersive, highly engineered, Dolby Atmos audio experience.

Stewart Filmscreen ISE 2016 demos include:

Stewart Filmscreen FIDELEDY Vision LED Image Enhancement System Demo: Stewart Filmscreen’s new FIDELEDY Vision LED Image Enhancement System revolutionizes LED video wall performance and eliminates moiré interference common in broadcast applications. FIDELEDY Vision is ideal for architectural, digital signage, staging, filmmaking, and other applications involving LED video walls to create an enhanced film-like visual experience. At ISE, FIDELEDY Vision will be paired with Christie Velvet 2.5 mm series LED panels.

AeroView 100 Rear-Projection Screen Demo: Stewart will show the AeroView 100 rear-projection screen with a Christie HD 10K-M projector with a 0.67 lens and mirror system. AeroView 100 is a flexible rear-projection screen material formulated to deliver excellent white field uniformity and eliminate hot-spotting.

Premier Partnerships – Refining the Home Theatre Experience: Stewart Filmscreen has always operated with one goal in mind: To give viewers in any environment an immersive experience and the very best image fidelity possible—from completely customized models to standard products, available in seamless sizes up to 90-feet wide. Continuing this legendary commitment, Stewart has chosen some of the very best names in residential audio-video to create the ultimatehome theatre demo entitled “Refining the Home Theatre Experience.” Here, Stewart partners will help to create an extraordinary residential cinematic experience that excels in performance thanks to careful attention to even the smallest details. Equipment and Partners for “Refining the Home Theatre Experience” include:

  • Digital Projection and Stewart Filmscreen Deliver Incredible 4K Images: For this home theatre demo, a Digital Projection HighLite Laser 4K Ultra HD projector will be paired with a 16-foot-wide (4.87 meters) Stewart Filmscreen VistaScope Jumbo Variable Masking screen system to create unrivaled image fidelity—the very best that home theatre has to offer. There, Stewart will be introducing its newest woven screen fabric, Harmony. Stewart’s 65-plus years as the leader in home theatre is embodied in the VistaScope motorized masking screen, which offers sophisticated constant height/variable side masking to frame multiple aspect-ratios that eliminate unsightly black bars on the sides of the image. Because VistaScope can be used with any of Stewart’s front-projection screen materials, it accommodates flexibility in the face of the most complex technical requirements of the room and the projector itself.
  • Pro Audio Technology: Demonstrating a 21-channel Dolby Atmos surround sound system (referred to as a 11.4.6 system, with 11 speakers, four subwoofers, and six ceiling speakers), those visiting the Stewart stand are in for a visually spectacular, sonically superior treat. The 21-channels of discrete object-based audio will utilize three Pro Audio SCRS-15sm Left/Center/Right loudspeakers, two LFC-21sm main subwoofers, two LFC-10sm surround subwoofers, six SCRS-6im-P side channel loudspeakers, two SCRS-26im rear-channel loudspeakers, and six SCRS-5iw ceiling loudspeakers. Thanks to Stewart’s Harmony acoustically transparent woven screen material, the sound from these speakers—amplified by 32 channels of Pro Audio PMA and DMA amplifiers—will come through the screen freely and without hindrance.
  • PRIMA Cinema: PRIMA Cinema—the first premium entertainment company to deliver Hollywood films directly to private home theatres during theatrical release—is exhibitingat ISE 2016 for the first time. In fact, ISE attendees will be the first to experience PRIMA in Europe, and some of the first in the world to experience PRIMA’s next generation 4K offering. This truly unique product and service provides first run content in true cinematic quality, demonstrating the full potential of the audio and video quality in your client’s home theatre. As the movie-watching experience evolves, PRIMA is on the frontline with their next generation product. “PRIMA 4K” will provide true 4K content and full Cinematic Dolby ATMOS.
  • CinemaTech Seating: CinemaTech will have seats and acoustic treatments in the Refining Home Theatre demo room, including the company’s legendary line of CinemaTech Valentino incliners, which will be covered in a semi aniline, slightly polished top-hide leather. Featuring frames made entirely of steel, motorization, and articulating headrests, CinemaTech Valentino incliners are the perfect fit for the ISE attendee who wants to deliver the very best in seating comfort and convenience.
  • Acoustic Room System by CinemaTech: Developed, tested, and patented by CinemaTech Acoustic Room System (ARS) is the premier acoustic treatment for clients demanding the very best in theatre acoustics. At only 32mm in thickness, CinemaTech is able to design a comprehensive acoustical analysis to improve the entire sound spectrum, down to 100 Hz. This enhances the output of the audio system to reference level. In conjunction with amazing Pro Audio speakers and the Stewart Filmscreen Harmony Acoustically Transparent Screen, visitors to the Stewart stand are in for an aural joyride.

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