Stewart Filmscreen’s FIDELEDY Vision Image Enhancement System Improves LED Video Wall Image Fidelity, Eliminates Moiré Interference

stewart-filmscreen-0615Stewart Filmscreen announced the release of the FIDELEDY Vision image enhancement system for LED video wall tiles. With usage growing at over 20 percent per year, LED video wall tiles have become a popular large image solution for digital signage, staging, broadcast and filmmaking applications. Stewart claims the FIDELEDY Vision system gives LED video walls a true cinematic appearance and eliminates moiré interference issues prevalent in re-photography situations.

FIDELEDY Vision will be available in a range of light transmission and contrast options. By fine-tuning the transmissive properties, Stewart claims they can perfectly match the focal properties of the enhancement screen to the width of the viewing area. Site lighting conditions will vary greatly and a one contrast fits all approach would never provide the right grayscale balance. Budgetary considerations place pressure on design choices. FIDELEDY Vision hugely benefits total cost of installation allowing larger pixel pitch options to be perceived like finer pitch options. With image enhancement from FIDELEDY Vision, LED walls can be larger and used more prevalently while still holding to tight overall spending constraints.

FIDELEDY Vision is designed to be custom-engineered for every application. Stewart Filmscreen engineers will work with clients, installers, and architects to design the framing and mounting systems to best suit the location, the type of LED modules, and the environment. The screen is completely scalable in seamless sizes up to 40×90 feet. With Stewart Filmscreen’s EZ Mount QR frame installation system, FIDELEDY Vision is not only easily installed, it can be easily removed to provide low cost, highly efficient access for maintenance or repair of the LED wall tiles.

All the details will be posted here.