Stewart Filmscreen Debuts Total Close CineCurve Front Projection Screen System at ISE

stewart-cinecurve-0215Stewart Filmscreen has announce the Total Close CineCurve front projection screen system, premiering at Integrated Systems Europe 2015 this week.

According to Stewart, this constant-height/variable-width masking system provides displays content at various aspect ratios on a super-wide curved screen. Finished in Stewart’s luxurious VeLux black appliqué finish, the screen absorbs over-scan and increases perceived contrast. Providing an appealing aesthetic option systems integrators, interior designers, and end users will appreciate, the Total Close system delivers the added benefit of a quietly closing, proprietary magnetic clasping mechanism that encloses and protects the screen when viewing is complete.

The new Total Close CineCurve is a native 2.40:1 screen with a slightly curved frame and surface that creates better uniformity, eliminates the pin-cushioning effect from anamorphic projector lenses, and creates an enveloping, ultra-widescreen viewing experience. The CineCurve’s arch also directs light back to the viewer, which reduces ambient light from being reflected onto the surfaces behind the screen, further enhancing the image.

Total Close CineCurve can be built to the specific curve radius desired and it’s available in configurations up to 124-inches image width utilizing any of Stewart’s front-projection screen materials, the newest iteration of Stewart’s CineCurve screen system has the flexibility, quality, and now also the protection to ensure screen longevity that high-performance theater owners demand and deserve. If necessary, even larger curved screen sizes are available without the total close feature.

All the tech details are here.