Stewart Filmscreen Celebrates Nearly 70 Years of 16K+ Resolution Screens

stewart_filmscreen_logoTORRANCE, CA & LAS VEGAS, NV—June 8, 2016— Stewart Filmscreen®—the only Academy Award® winning manufacturer of high-performance projection screens and projection screen materials—reveals that its top-selling screens for commercial venues can accommodate resolutions of up to 16K+ —and have been doing so since 1947.

As the industry strives to meet the technology demands of ever increasing image quality with 4K, 8K and higher resolutions, Stewart Filmscreen solutions have a long legacy of exceeding these standards. The company will showcase a complete line-up of 16K+ screens for commercial applications in booth C7425 at InfoComm 2016, taking place in the Las Vegas Convention Center June 4-10, 2016.

16K: More Than Just Pixels Per Inch

When technology professionals discuss 4K, 8K and 16K image resolution, many people assume this relates only to pixel density. While the number of pixels does correlate to the amount of information—the resolution—of a given image, the light engine, the processor, internal and exit optics, and even the projection screen also affect the visible resolution. Today’s standards refer to both source information and visual acuity.

With this in mind, higher resolution displays can actually enhance lower resolution content and improve the viewing experience. Studios such as NHK, Sony, and Red Digital Cinema are currently embracing 8K video capture, and 16K, or 15360 x 8640 digital cinema, may not be far behind.

Stewart Filmscreen Is Ready

When 16K projectors are available, Stewart Filmscreen will be waiting. Commercial theaters and other venues using Stewart Filmscreen products today will have no need to upgrade their projection screens to meet resolution demands of 16K+.

“Stewart Filmscreen is the technology leader in screen surfaces,” says Alan C. Brawn, CTS, ISF, ISF-C, principal of Brawn Consulting, an audiovisual consulting, training, educational development, and market intelligence company. “Stewart Filmscreen fabrics are capable of resolving 6 line pairs or arc minutes per millimeter. So if we take 3048 millimeters and multiply that by 6, we get a product of 18,288 possible pixel addresses per ten feet of screen width. This is greater than the resolution furnished by a 16K projector if one existed.”

Brawn goes into more detail on the significance of 16K resolution in a white paper that will soon be published and made available to Stewart Filmscreen partners.

See Stewart Filmscreen 16K+ Screen Materials at InfoComm16

Stewart Filmscreen will showcase its new Torrent™ and Stealth® XM large venue ElectriScreens, the Cima value line, and the largest seamless projection screens in the universe, all capable of 16K+ resolution, at this year’s InfoComm. Stewart Filmscreen materials bring the possibility to technology-focused houses of worship, museums, arenas, educational facilities, and more, with a vast selection of 16K+ custom screens as well as standard sizes. But this isn’t just about future-proofing screens for the next generation—it’s about providing the highest quality materials available today.

“Stewart Filmscreen fabrics have been designed, since 1947, to display resolutions well beyond the limit of the human eye,” says Mark Robinson, VP of Technology for Stewart Filmscreen. “Our screen technology has been meeting the demands of Hollywood, household-name theme parks, and the entertainment industry as a whole for nearly 70 years. When the next generation of technology presents us with 16K projectors and content, Stewart Filmscreen users are ready. Our screen materials continue to exceed the expectations of discerning audiences—now and in the future.”