Sterling Audio Debuts New Dual-Source Headphone Amplifiers

Sterling Audio introduces two new headphone amplifiers designed for recording studio applications. The Sterling SHA4 is a four-channel tabletop headphone amplifier, while the Sterling SHA8 is an eight-channel rackmount model. The four-channel SHA4 accepts two discrete stereo sources via balanced (TRS) or unbalanced (TS) ¼-inch, line-level inputs. Front-panel master level controls are provided for each source. The four headphone channels are equipped with both ¼-inch and 3.5 mm mini-connector TRS stereo outputs. Each headphone channel can be individually switched between the two source mixes and has a dedicated output level control. Stereo Link connectors enable daisy-chaining additional headphone amplifiers or external signal processors.

Sterling’s SHA8 is a tabletop and rack-ready solution (with included rack ears) for studios with more extensive monitoring needs. Each of the SHA8’s eight headphone channels can be individually switched between two stereo sources that can be monitored in mono or stereo. Direct inputs on all eight channels enable discrete individual assignment, and front-panel knobs manage the master input level for each of the two sources. Stereo ¼-inch TRS headphone outputs are provided on both the front and rear panels for maximum flexibility. The front panel provides dedicated LED metering on source inputs and on all headphone channel outputs.

The Sterling Audio SHA4 and SHA8 are shipping an cost 79.99 and $129.99, respectively. And, all the specs are here.