Steph Says: InfoComm Day 2 Thoughts

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Hi, everyone! This is a continuation of my short wrap-up articles about the different things I like, see and experience from the three days of InfoComm 2021. So if you couldn’t come down this year, sit back, relax and have fun reading about the things I say stick out.

Socializing Continued

As I said in my last article, InfoComm this year was much more about the people than it was about technology. I got to spend much of Thursday of InfoComm surrounded by friends (new and old). I, once again, spent my time divided between the show floor and the press room. Luckily, I spent a good amount of time in the HDBaseT booth as well. ICYMI, that’s where Gary and I hosted a short episode of rAVe [TV] each day of the show.

Check it out!

As you can see, Gary and I focused so much on having fun this show. At past InfoComms, I don’t know we would have been able to do that.

Steph Beckett and Clint Hoffman at InfoComm 2021

Shadowing Gary Kayye

I’m trying to get more comfortable at interviewing people, so I shadowed Gary at a few of his executive interviews with different manufacturers. When doing this, it’s easy to realize that there is so much of the industry I’m still learning about. But it takes time!

Remember when I said InfoComm 2021 was all about the people? Check out this picture with Kramer’s Clint Hoffman! As it turns out, it’s a small world and we bonded over having some mutual friends. Once again, I don’t know that I would have had time to sit and talk and make this connection any other year. But it’s a conversation I’ll always remember!

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Team Bonding

The rAVe team has always bonded at trade shows and this year was no different. Some members of our team had never been to a trade show before, so it was exciting to get to work together to make something great happen. Our hard work this week culminated in a wonderful team dinner at Shula’s Steak House. We had a great time!

Favorite Booth of the Day

If you missed Absen’s booth at InfoComm, you really missed out! The company’s XR studio setup was incredibly cool. Gary talked about this, but TV shows like “The Mandalorian” are using this now rather than the classic green screen. Catch how good this looks on a camera, even on my iPhone 8!

That’s it for this wrap-up! Catch my article on Day One here:

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