STEP Webinar Now Available Online

GreenStreaming-0111InfoComm’s Sustainable Technology Environments Program or STEP seeks to learn from and complement LEED, which focuses on the shell and core of a building, by adding a rating system for the electronic systems that work within that shell and core.  The system, now in draft form, invites participation throughout the project — from AV program phase through occupancy from the entire AV value chain.

Now, AV manufacturers will have a place where their green products, shipping practices and facilities can count for something. Consultants, integrators and software programmers will collaborate to share responsibility in the planning, design, integration and programming of systems to minimize energy consumption while still promoting AV quality. Purchasers of AV goods and services will have a clear way to specify their sustainability goals and measure the ROI of their sustainable AV investments.  STEP SM is slated to launch in Q1 2011.