Stealth Acoustics to Launch EMEA Version of Stingray Outdoor Speaker at ISE 2020

StingRay SpeakerAt ISE in Amsterdam, Stealth Acoustics is debuting its new 8” 3-way StingRay outdoor speaker — the StingRay 83 — to the European market. Alongside this launch product will be a selection of invisible speakers and subwoofers from the LRG and LRX product lines on stand 5-R96.

The StingRay 83 is a 300-watt speaker that is specified for bass response down to 40Hz, with a smooth midrange and solid upper frequency. It features a 30-millimeter midrange device, a 25-millimeter tweeter and an 8″ high-power cone woofer in combination with Stealth’s Fidelity Glass Advanced flat front radiating surface to give wide dispersion within a hermetically-sealed enclosure.

The StingRay 83 is completely sealed off from the elements. It is constructed using high strength UV protected fiberglass and marine-grade, fiber-infused ASA plastics, meaning the speaker is completely sealed against intrusion from any outside elements. It has an Ingress Protection rating of IP-68 per international CEI/IEC 60529 standards. No moisture, salt or sun will affect the unit, nor will it ever rust or discolor over time, making it ideal for exceptional audio performance in harsh, superyacht or outdoor environments. This new speaker is available in standard black, white or with a custom graphic wrap finish.

The Stealth Acoustics listening area will feature the LRx83 and LRx85 high-performance, expert-grade invisible speakers that provide sound quality, frequency response and output levels usually reserved for only the best visible speakers. Incorporating advanced carbon fiber materials, new lamination processes and enhanced driver sets, these speakers offer impeccable audio performance and the aesthetic benefits that only true invisibility can offer.

The two-panel system, which replaces a segment of a flat wall or ceiling with a paintable, non-penetrable flat front speaker system, incorporates five mid-range/high-frequency drivers mounted in a unique dual-D’Appolito alignment for noticeable improvement in left/right panoramas and depth of sound stage.

A number of products from the LRg family of cost-effective and proven invisible loudspeakers, which includes the LR6g, SLR8g, LR8g and LR3g models, will also be on display in the listening area. These speakers offer extremely broad coverage and ultra-smooth extended frequency response. Stealth Acoustics’ B22g and B30g invisible subwoofers will also be on display for visitors to experience. Delivering bold bass output for extra impact with zero aesthetic pollution, these subwoofers provide exceptional bass and room coverage with frequencies extending as low as 20Hz.

Here are more specs.

Here’s a video we shot at CEDIA Expo 2019 about Stealth Acoustics Sting Ray 83: