Stealth Acoustics New SA2400 Includes 450-Watt Dual-Channel Amplifier with Built-in DSP

stealth-SA2400-0414Stealth Acoustics is shipping its SA2400 dual-channel amplifier with built-in DSP. Rated at 450 watts RMS per channel, the SA2400 utilizes Stealth’s Class A/B output stages coupled to a traditional high-current power supply.

The SA2400 also debuts the newly designed Stealth Signal Management System (SSMS) that allows for complete per-channel programming of advanced DSP features including 11 bands of fully parametric EQ; High and Low Pass Filters with variable slopes; fully programmable Limiters; Delay; Phase control and Pink Noise Generators. All SSMS functions may be programmed from the front panel, or by using Stealth’s free SSMS software via USB connection to the amplifier. The SSMS includes loadable pre-set optimization tunings for many of Stealth invisible and environmental speakers. Or, dealers may create and store their own favorite tunings for easy recall.

Inputs include balanced XLR, un-balanced RCA and Speaker Level connections, all which have associated pass-through connectors and an optical input for digital audio sources. The SA2400 lists for $1499.

Here are the specs.