Stealth Acoustics LRX85 Delivers The Premium Invisible Experience

LRx85 is the latest generation of high-performance, expert-grade invisible speakers from Stealth Acoustics, providing sound quality, frequency response and output levels usually reserved for only the best visible speakers. Now, installers can bring top-shelf audio performance to their customers without any visible presence of speaker boxes or unsightly speaker grills.

Stealth’s LRx85 premium invisible speaker system, available in both passive and active versions, allows for impressive invisible audio in the most critical applications for home theater, listening rooms and high-performance distributed audio.

This two-panel system, which replaces a segment of a flat wall or ceiling with a paintable, non-penetrable flat front speaker system, incorporates five mid-range/high frequency drivers mounted in a unique dual-D’Appolito alignment for noticeable improvement in left/right panoramas and depth of sound stage.

Below the mid/high panel is a separate, totally invisible bass frequency panel with two high-power 8” cone woofers behind Stealth’s FidelityGlasstm flat front radiator. Together, the two invisible panels create a seamless speaker system covering the full audio spectrum from 35Hz-18kHz. 300watt power handling provides the robust dynamic range required for realistic movie sound and impactful music reproduction. No other invisible speaker solution can match the LRx85’s patented abilities.

For even greater output and performance, the LRx85 is available in an active bi-amplified version, the LRx85ACT, which comes complete with a pre-tuned and optimised dual channel Stealth SA2400MKII DSP amplifier to create a premium single-channel system, which can be used as building blocks to create stunning invisible home cinemas from 5.1 to 100-channel plus ATMOS rooms.

Stealth invisible speaker technology provides smooth, near hemispherical coverage, making every seat in the house right in the sweet-spot. In ATMOS systems, the LRx85 provides the locational reference and coverage envisioned for immersive listening.

Audition the LRx85 invisible speaker on Booth 343 at CEDIA 2019. More information from