Stealth Acoustics Adds New Image Series Art Speakers

imageiii-0914Stealth Acoustics has introduced the Image III speakers, which allows custom images to be placed over a flat-front, on-wall speaker with no grille, while also improving the audio performance to an even higher fidelity than the previous Image II speakers.

Thickness on the Image III has been reduced to 2.5″, making it a perfect on-wall adjunct speaker to thinner modern flat screens. The Image III can be used in any home music system where other speakers do not fill the requirement, either aesthetically or functionally. It’s based on Stealth’s LRG invisible speaker technology platform and has no grille, ports or other openings. The solid and durable fiberglass-like Fidelity Glass speaker front is a flat surface that becomes a canvas for artistic creation. Image III is available in a stock white finish that can be used as is, or can then be painted without concern for blocking sound or damaging the speaker components. Using advanced vinyl graphic materials and high-resolution, UV protected printing, the Image III can be fully wrapped in any image imaginable to perfectly match the environment or create a unique artistic look.

The Image III speakers retail for $1,000 a pair and all the details are here.