Starlite Media Takes Its Retail Ad Displays Digital, Ramps Up for Programmatic with Broadsign

Broadsign and OOH advertising service provider Starlite Media are teaming up to transform out-of-home advertising in grocery stores and retail centers. Starlite has begun deploying the complete Broadsign Platform to convert its growing network of 6000 static outdoor ad displays to free-standing digital units and scale quickly with programmatic capabilities. Spread throughout prime in-person transaction areas in grocery-anchored retail centers across the U.S., Starlite’s digital network is expected to reach 500 screens by the year’s end with 2,000 more screens planned for 2020.

Already underway, the conversion will transform Starlite’s existing network of static signs into intelligent, digital kiosks running on large format screens with video analytics, remote management and proof-of-play capabilities. Future advancements by Starlite and its other partners, driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI), will also augment Starlite’s retailer executions and consumer relevancy. With Broadsign Reach, Control and Direct powering the network, Starlite will support programmatic transactions to simplify how it distributes and manages content. As the company integrates with dynamic content platforms, it also plans to leverage the Broadsign API extensively.

“By partnering with and standardizing on Broadsign for our digital transformation, we are opening new creative possibilities for advertisers, such as dynamic content with full motion and sound, to reinvent and personalize the customer experience. This will help our retail inventory generate more revenue, all while streamlining our backend,” Dave Kelshaw, chief digital officer, Starlite Digital. “Broadsign is helping us to modernize the look of our inventory and showcase the great digital advertising opportunities that they enable. With real time-analytics, a rules-based content engine, and programmatic buying, Starlite’s network brings increased advertising ROI and greater peace of mind to advertisers who are confident that the right ad content is shown to the right audience at the right time.”

“Retail centers are prime real estate for advertisers to reach their target audience close to the point of sale. By taking advantage of the Broadsign platform, Starlite will be able to extend its network of screens and appeal to more advertisers and consumers. This will in turn open up a new revenue stream while helping to give its locations a more modern look,” said Maarten Dollevoet, senior VP sales, Broadsign.