StarLeaf Launches Three New UCC Offerings at ISE 2020

starleaf ucc ise

StarLeaf launched some new products into the UCC space at ISE last week: StarLeaf Huddle, StarLeaf MultiJoin and StarLeaf for Teams.

StarLeaf Huddle is an all-in-one video meeting room solution designed for video meetings in smaller spaces. StarLeaf Huddle claims to be easy to install and it includes a microphone, wide-angle camera, touch screen and Pronto Cable USB, with cable management for smaller spaces.

Addressing enterprise users’ requirements for joining meetings on different meeting services, StarLeaf has also launched an interoperable solution — StarLeaf Multijoin — that works from any StarLeaf room, without needing complex dial-in codes or having to reserve a room. StarLeaf MultiJoin works with Microsoft Teams (via CVI partners), Microsoft Skype for Business, Zoom, Webex, BlueJeans and Pexip.

Organizations working with Microsoft Teams can now integrate StarLeaf’s video meetings with the collaboration tools in Microsoft Teams. From instant team huddles to supplier reviews and weekly updates, StarLeaf for Teams allows users to meet with anyone, anywhere, on any device. Users can create, schedule and launch a StarLeaf meeting directly from both the Teams app and Outlook calendar.

The StarLeaf for Teams app is part of a wider suite of StarLeaf features designed to enable organizations using Microsoft tools to benefit from StarLeaf’s enterprise video platform.

More information is here.