Starke Sound Fiera Multichannel Amplifiers Now Available

starke sound fiera amplifier

Starke Sound introduced the Fiera multichannel amplifiers, built for very high-end sound and surround audio as well as immersive systems for both film soundtrack and music reproduction in their homes.

The Fiera4 ($1,499) is a second-generation, four-channel, Class D amp using the architecture and proprietary technology found in previous Starke designs, and can be bridged for two- or three-channel operation. Users can upgrade the sound from their audio/video receivers with the Fiera4 driving left, center and right speakers, add height channels for an immersive rig, or power a two-channel audiophile music system. The Fiera8 ($1,999) is a pure eight-channel, Class D amplifier for home theaters. Both models employ Starke Sound’s new, proprietary, 1-kilowatt SAPS switch-mode power supplies and NS600 amplifier modules to deliver 260 watts RMS per channel into 4 ohms with very smooth sound quality.

The Fiera4 is available now and here are the specs: