Star Tours The Adventures Continue in 3D

Much like the “AV Jedi” of this publication Gary Kayye, I am hooked on Star Wars (Very similar to most people when they eat Girl Scout Thin mints). A few weeks ago was the opening weekend for “Star Tours The adventures continue”. I was not in attendance for it, but you can bet some Ninja Lincoln’s and several Disco Hamilton’s I will be seeing this new 3D adventure soon.

“Star Tours – The Adventures Continue” is a new version of Star Tours that opened at Disney’s Hollywood Studios on May 20 2011. The new ride uses the existing ride system of Star Tours, but features an updated queue, new in-cabin effects, more than 50 different ride scenarios, and brand-new 3D imagery (see video).

I am well aware that many of you don’t care for 3D, I mean after all it’s only the third attempt to mainstream, but I don’t care, I love it. Also I love lamp, don’t make it weird.


“Star Tours – The Adventures Continue ” was announced on 12 September 2010 at the D23 Expo in California after 10 years of speculation. Star Tours closed on 8 September 2010 to begin the Star Tours II 3D refurbishment.

Fastpass: Yes
Height Requirement: 40″

Opening Date

Official opening: May 20 2011

Concept Art

Gallery 1
Gallery 2
Gallery 3
Trailer video

If any of you #AvTweeps out there have seen this yet, share the deets in the comments section below. Also I‘ll be expecting my tickets and compensation check in the mail, I’m looking at you Mr. Lucas…