Stage Audio Works Namibia Integrates Comprehensive AV Conferencing System at Mobile Telecommunications Ltd (MTC)

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Windhoek, Namibia, September 2023 – Stage Audio Works (SAW) Namibia, a leading provider of professional AV solutions, has successfully concluded an extensive AV system integration project at the headquarters of MTC, a telecommunications company based in Windhoek. The client required technology upgrades and corporate AV solutions to enhance communication and collaboration in several departmental boardrooms. Working closely with the requirements of the MTC procurement and IT team with a strong IoT approach, SAW Namibia provided a turnkey solution.

The project involved a comprehensive overhaul of MTC’s AV infrastructure in eight meeting room environments. Of particular note, was the replacement and integration of the AV conference system within the Executive Boardroom. The aim was to create a state-of-the-art environment for both in-person and hybrid meetings.

“Collaborating with MTC to bring this ambitious project to fruition has been truly rewarding,” explains Joppie Maritz, Managing Director at Stage Audio Works Namibia. “We specified the entire system which enabled us to ensure all systems worked seamlessly together and that the MTC team could enjoy a consistent user experience across each meeting room.”

The solution is based on an industry-standard Crestron Control and Microsoft Teams system. Whilst the unique needs of each department were considered in each room, the overall solution was designed to ensure continuity and ease of use.

MTC’s Executive Boardroom required the largest installation. Here, the SAW Namibia team executed the replacement and integration of the entire conference system. At the heart of the setup are two Samsung 75” Flip3 Interactive Displays, which provide a platform for collaborative discussions. A 1080p laser projector and a 180-inch motorized projection screen provide visuals. The Crestron AirMedia Series 3 Receiver ensures wireless connectivity and control via Crestron DMPS-3. Audac ceiling speakers provide crystal-clear playback audio and Sennheiser’s TeamConnect ceiling mic with patented beamforming technology ensures all meeting attendees can be heard effortlessly on the far end. A Crestron 3-Series DigitalMedia Presentation System enables content sharing and management from multiple devices whilst a Crestron Flex Video Conference System kit for Microsoft Teams Rooms facilitates hybrid meetings. Crestron touch screens provide intuitive room scheduling and room control. Finally, the inclusion of a Crestron Dual-Technology Occupancy Sensor helps to reduce unnecessary energy consumption.

The benchmark established in the Executive Boardroom was rolled out across other departmental meeting rooms, with adjustments made due to space and capacity requirements. Some of the rooms were fitted with 4500 lumens 1080p laser projectors, coupled with the ceiling tab screens, providing a flexible and space-saving visual solution. On the other hand, the two Technical departmental boardrooms welcomed alternative solutions including Samsung QE82T 82-inch LFD UHD displays, and one of them coupled with a Crestron Flex Teams Room Video Conference Systems. These solutions enhanced each department’s ability to conduct seamless presentations and meetings.

Challenges were not absent from the project, as construction delays due to the pandemic impacted the timeline. However, the close collaboration between SAW Namibia, NFM (Namibia Facility Management) who were the appointed project manager, and MTC’s procurement team resulted in the successful completion of the project.

“With the support of Stage Audio Works, the new boardroom technologies have become a routine part of my day-to-day,” explains Johanna Ileka, IT Administration at MTC. “My favorite elements of the new installation include the wireless charging capabilities in the Executive Boardroom and the touchscreen scheduling panels, which indicate the availability of the boardroom tied together with the occupancy sensors. The onsite assistance from Stage Audio Works is excellent, and they are always available to educate, equip, and train us as users so we can maximize the benefits of our new system.”

“MTC now possesses the state-of-the-art AV system it needs to increase meeting productivity and collaboration,” concludes Maritz. “We’re pleased to have delivered an adaptable, easy-to-use system that will benefit operations across several departments.”

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