Squirrels Releases Ditto Director iPhone/iPad App for Screen Mirroring Moderation Controls

ditto director

Squirrels released the Ditto Director in the App Store to bring screen mirroring moderation controls to iPhone and iPad. Ditto Director is a new iOS/iPadOS app designed to “manage screen mirroring connections from any device using the Ditto screen mirroring solution.” Squirrels says it allows users to approve or deny mirroring requests and remove connected devices when needed. The app moderates connections from Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPad, Android and Chromebook.

Squirrels also launched Chrome browser screen mirroring on macOS, Windows and Chrome OS. The new Ditto Connect for Web initiates screen mirroring from a Chrome web browser, giving users the option to share their entire device screen, a window or a browser tab along with system audio.

A Ditto account is required to use the app here:

Details on Ditto Director are here: