Spring Hill Baptist Finds VUE’s al-4 Line Array The Perfect Fit

phpd3h6BiPMSan Diego, CA (March 26, 2014) – Spring Hill Baptist Church recently selected a VUE Audiotechnik al-4 Subcompact Line Array System as the centerpiece of a major audio system upgrade at their Spring Hill Florida sanctuary.

Working with the experts at Atlantic Pro Audio, church leadership identified sound quality, dependability and value as the leading factors in their decision to move ahead with the VUE al-4 after a thorough search and auditioning process.

“This church took their install very seriously, and was absolutely determined to explore multiple options before making a final call,” explained Atlantic Pro Audio’s Bobbie Bennett. “They sent a total of six people to a demo at our Altamonte Springs location – a two hour drive! After listening to multiple systems from several well known brands, their selection of the VUE al-4 was ultimately unanimous.”

This was one of the very first VUE installations for the team at Atlantic Pro Audio after first hearing the al-4 line array at the 2013 InfoComm show in Orlando-just a few short months after the product’s introduction. Impressed by what they heard, Atlantic Pro Audio quickly arranged for a demo system of their own.

“We spent a few days with the al-4 at our facility before showing it to any customers,” said Craig Beyrooti, founder and CEO at Atlantic Pro Audio. “We were impressed by the fullness and warmth of the VUE line array.”

Beyrooti continued, “It’s clear the VUE designers have experience working the real world. The al-4’s coverage is so well defined and it’s incredibly easy to scale up or down as needed.”

Indeed predictable pattern control was critical for the Spring Hill’s traditionally vocal heavy services. The church’s narrow space, rear balcony, and abundant reflective surfaces demanded tightly defined coverage. What’s more, the Church’s architectural elements called for minimal visual impact.

“The al-4’s coverage is so well defined that we were able to do a very discreet center hang consisting of eight boxes,” explained Beyrooti. “The installation and setup went very smoothly. We used nothing more than splay angles to achieve ideal coverage from left to right, front to back, as well as the balcony. And the sound quality of the al-4 is simply amazing.”

A VUE Audiotechnik V4 Systems Engine provides power and processing for the al-4 line array, while a pair of VUE-18a powered subwoofers deliver additional low frequency extension. An external delay processor ensures perfect time alignment between the subs and array. The church’s existing Allen & Heath GL3800 analog console rounds out the design and retains a sense of continuity for the mostly volunteer sound crew.

Their zeal for the latest pro audio technology aside, the true reward for the team from Atlantic Pro Audio is a satisfied customer, and for the good folks at Spring Hill Baptist church all signs point to mission accomplished.

“We are very pleased with the system,” concluded Spring Hill’s Doug Boog. “We love how compact the system is and how great it sounds. It’s exactly the combination we were hoping for.”