Sports & Entertainment Venues: We Share an Opportunity in the Shadow of Covid-19

empty stadiumBy Kevin Ivey
Sports & Entertainment Projects, Baker Audio Visual

We are all facing adverse impacts to our seasons and schedules as a result of the restrictions imposed to impede the spread of the Covid-19 virus. How do we best leverage our collective downtime to plan for a resurgent market and the return of fans and patrons to stadia, arenas and entertainment venues? This crisis will not last forever. If there are repairs, additions or enhancements you’ve considered for your facility, you have the opportunity now to spend the time necessary to plan and budget the improvements.

I know it seems illogical to plan any spending right now, especially while our revenues are taking a beating. When this is over, our revenues will return. Our time will not. Time is our most limited and critical asset and we all have the opportunity now to spend it wisely.

If you have any aggravating problems with your audio, video or control systems you tolerate day after day because there never seems to be the time to dig into it and get it fixed, now’s the time.

If you have considered an expansion of your facility’s A/V systems, whether digital signage, enhanced audio coverage or upgrades to luxury suites, now’s the time.

If you have struggled with ongoing maintenance and support issues and want to investigate a partnership with a proven and capable service and support team, now’s the time.

And while it’s not the best time for most of us to undertake the projects, it is the perfect time to undertake the planning and budgeting. As we have all learned during the onset of our current crisis, preparation saves the day. If you’re a customer, let’s take the time now to determine what you will need and want to do to prepare your stadium, arena or venue for the return of business and the resumption of games and events. Understanding the schedule and budget for your improvements will help to determine when the work will be done and how much it will cost. When revenues return, you will be ready with a road map of improvements based on the time spent and decisions made during the shutdown.

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Those with the financial resources to move forward with improvements now must consider using this period of downtime to complete your project. This is the perfect time to pursue favorable pricing for equipment and materials.

When our fans return, let’s reward their patience and loyalty with new and better experiences that remind them of all they were missing. Let’s fulfill their anticipation of our return to normalcy.

To all our friends and colleagues in the sports and entertainment industry, Baker Audio Visual wishes you safety and security during the Covid-19 pandemic and every success as you regain your business once the crisis subsides.

This article was reprinted with permission from Baker Audio Visual.