Spinitar Celebrates 35th Anniversary in AV Industry

spinitar 35 years

Spinitar, a leading technology expert in audiovisual systems design and integration, celebrates 35 years in the audiovisual business.

On May 26, 1986, Presentation Products acquired the Kroy Lettering Systems’ based out of Santa Fe Springs, California. Founded by Jeff and Barbara Irvin, the company was created to build a visual products business that would provide presenters with the tools needed to be more effective when delivering their verbal messages. Some of the original products sold were lettering devices, wide format printers, overhead and slide projectors, transparency film and makers, easels, AV carts, pointing devices and screens.

In the late ’80s and early ’90s, Presentation Products Inc. experienced a peak in business by selling LCD panels and LCD projectors. However, as competition and distribution channels expanded, the margins began to erode — it became evident the business needed to build an installation competency and services practice in order to stay afloat.

“Making that move was pivotal to our survival,” said Jeff Irvin, Spinitar founder.

In 1999, Irvin partnered with Jay Rogina, a skilled AV professional and now partner of 22 years, to help facilitate the transition. In 2000, Presentation Products began conducting business as Spinitar. Fast forward 22 years later, Spinitar is a leading systems design and integration firm dedicated to providing clients with custom audio, visual and communication solutions and services.

“I really needed Jay to build the integration business as that was not a business that I knew,” Irvin said. “I was great at selling and marketing AV gear, but didn’t know the contractor part of the business. Jay and Kris are family to us, and we’re so very fortunate to have had them be a very big part of this journey!”

Spinitar currently employs 150 Spinitarians. Much of the technology you would find in today’s boardrooms, conference rooms, classrooms, training rooms, huddle rooms and others are a part of Spinitar’s product portfolio.