SpinetiX and Partners at InfoComm 2017 Present a Total Digital Signage Solution

For over 10 years, SpinetiX has lead the way in innovative total digital signage solution, increasing competency, and adding value offering for its partners. SpinetiX total digital signage solution unites all digital signage components: high value content, secure widgets, versatile software, powerful hardware, fully integrated services, all supported by own distribution channel and industry-leading technology partners.

Elementi, SpinetiX digital signage software is one of the core components of the total digital signage solution, designed to perfectly match SpinetiX range of digital signage players to optimize reliability and network security. At InfoComm, SpinetiX will present the 2017 release of Elementi which comes with ready-to-use widgets such as social media, events, hours, QR code, way finding, menus and so much more. They are now fully integrated with widely used Microsoft Online (Excel, Outlook, OneDrive) as a perfect digital signage data source.  There are 250 widgets in total included, and they all have one thing in common – they help transforming free, easily available, and accessible data into secure and professional digital signage.

SpinetiX will exhibit a real-size digital signage installation from the celebration of Guercino in Piacenza, Italy, which was created with SpinetiX Elementi software and SpinetiX HMP350 players powering 12 LG 55-inch screens. The exhibit celebrates the work of Baroque artist Giovanni Francesco Barbieri, known as Guercino, who in 1627 painted the dome of the cathedral in Piacenza. The city is celebrating the 17th century painter from March to June 4, 2017, unfolding in a series of initiatives that connect two symbolic places of the city, the cathedral and the Farnese Palace, in a journey that allows participants to admire some of the masterworks of the artist.

IBM Digital Business Group has deployed digital signage in multiple sites around the world. The problem IBM faced was having global control over publishing divisional, corporate content while allowing local teams and trusted sources of information the ability to publish to the same signs within the programming time slots they had. In this session, Scott McAllister will show and describe how they used SpinetiX to give control to the required individuals and organizations in order to achieve their goals, and how SpinetiX Elementi helped to publish content scheduling at a global level and individual slide shows at a local level. Workshop IS029 will take place Wednesday, June 14, 2017, 10:30AM – 11:30AM. More info and registration is here.

As part of its DNA SpinetiX values the power of collaboration and tangible enduring relationships. Together with partners, SpinetiX has been innovating and advancing digital signage industry for over 10 years. SpinetiX encourages partners to create their own added value and make their digital signage business with SpinetiX unique. The integration of SpinetiX solutions with 3rd party technologies is easy and makes the difference. At InfoComm, SpinetiX will showcase some of the recent alliances concluded with industry leaders.

Axis Communications and SpinetiX have teamed up to create a powerful and smart streaming solution to innovate the Public View Monitor or Confrontation Screen at shop entrance. By combining the Axis network cameras with SpinetiX HMP players, the screen at the shop entrance turns into an interactive welcome-screen. The retailer can include security to alert entering customers that video surveillance is in operation as part of digital signage in-store communications. Axis Communications and SpinetiX will showcase at SpinetiX booth how to integrate live-video with digital signage to create a smart shop: dynamic, real-time and connected.

Crestron drives innovation by partnering with industry-leading, cutting-edge manufacturers across the globe to bring their customers seamless technology integration for an unparalleled user experience. SpinetiX is Crestron’s Integrated Partner, and SpinetiX products are certified to operate seamlessly with Crestron control technologies. Crestron Fusion monitoring and scheduling software adds a layer of intelligence to turn an organization into a high-performance enterprise. SpinetiX will showcase the advantages of this seamless technology integration in the example of Crestron network room scheduling enhanced with SpinetiX digital signage.

Brown Innovations will join SpinetiX at InfoComm 2017 to showcase a directional audio solution for making digital signage more compelling than ever before. Visitors will be able to experience Brown Innovations directional speakers, the clearest, most focused way to deliver audio to the target listeners while providing the highest quality directional sound at SpinetiX booth.

Versatility, durability, performance and environment-specific design make AG Neovo the display choice of professionals. SpinetiX will feature a dual-sided, slim profile and full HD resolution display for digital signage, ideal for digital signage in diverse indoor spaces and for advertising in public environments.

Convergent, SpinetiX Distribution Partner and SpinetiX offer a free training with CTS credits. This session targets dealers who want to learn about the simplicity and power of the solution, and why so many dealers and integrators turn to SpinetiX to drive their digital signage projects, from the simple to the complex. Training will take place Tuesday, June 13, 2017, 2:00PM – 5:00PM. More info and registration.

SpinetiX and Partners can be found at InfoComm booth #533. InfoComm will take place at Orange County Convention Center, 14-16 June 2017. To mark 10th birthday, SpinetiX will reward the lucky winners with Plug & Play DiVA players. Register here.