SpinetiX Drops Killer New, Entry-Level 4K 60fps Digital Signage Player


SpinetiX just debuted the iBX410 aimed at cloud-based signage installs. To sustain the momentum around the SpinetiX ARYA CMS, SpinetiX says there was a need to offer media players a higher level of availability and production capacity. The company says that while the HMP line of players continues to be the players for mission-critical applications, iBX410 is set to be the go-to choice for more mainstream requirements. The company says iBX410 runs on the latest Intel Atom processor, delivering 4K visuals at 60 FPS, packing “versatility and power.” From welcome screens at enterprise offices and wayfinding displays at universities to tourist information at hotels and visitor centers, SpinetiX says the iBX410 is the reliable partner in any signage scenario.

Here’s a video that describes the features:

The new iBX family and its first model, the iBX410 feature set includes:

  • 24/7 operation
  • Purpose-built: iBX410 is engineered for signage. Powered by DSOS, the SpinetiX iBX410 offers “optimal, continuous performance and enhanced security while minimizing resource use.”
  • Out of the box, users get access to the  SpinetiX ARYA CMS and its free Discovery Plan. Moreover, with the opportunity to scale with SpinetiX ARYA Enterprise plans and the Elementi software, iBX410 is designed to scale to customer needs.