SpinetiX ARYA Adds Integrations With Elementi

spinetix saas arya elementi

SpinetiX added new features to its digital signage SaaS (software-as-a-service), SpinetiX ARYA, that includes maximizing the integration with Elementi, the authoring software with 250+ data-driven widgets. This innovation expands the creative options for end users using digital signage while keeping SpinetiX ARYA simple and provides value-added benefits to integrators.

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The release of the new capabilities in SpinetiX ARYA is designed to answer the needs of the end user in a simple, consistent, and reliable way while making the components of the SpinetiX Complete Digital Signage Solution even more closely integrated. Featuring higher integration with Elementi, SpinetiX ARYA expands the creative options of its users, while remaining an easy-to-use cloud platform to compose and publish content. At the same time, integrators and content developers can tap into the vast potential of Elementi as a limitless environment to create and deliver advanced integrations to their customers. The new features include:

  • HTML5 Layer. This feature is designed to deliver impactful web-based signage content to any signage installation including menu boards, webcam and public transportation feeds, room reservation screens, publicly accessible KPI dashboards, HTML video and more.
  • Integration with Elementi authoring software. While SpinetiX ARYA is natively already equipped with an excellent selection of features to create impactful content, as a best-in-class authoring tool Elementi has one of the largest, most advanced content feature sets on the market. Now, this power has been unleashed onto the cloud.
  • Thanks to the new Elementi layer, SpinetiX ARYA opens up to the digital signage software’s more than 250 widgets and allows to bring advanced data-driven content developed in Elementi to a “simple and intuitive cloud setting.”
  • Professional integrators and other service providers can take advantage of this “best of both worlds” setup by providing content creation and development services to their customers via the Elementi integration with SpinetiX ARYA.
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The new features released today, also provide the SpinetiX ecosystem with more opportunities to bring their added value and integration skills in front of their customers. With these new capabilities, SpinetiX ARYA opens up to new signage applications: from queue management, to interactivity, streaming, custom integrations with third-party technology, etc., while keeping the platform intuitive and approachable for new users.