SpinetiX Announces Cloud-Based Solution Called ARYA, Seems More Like DIY Signage to Us

SpinetiX announces the release of an end-to-end, cloud-based digital signage solution called SpinetiX ARYA. SpinetiX ARYA is marketed as an easy-to-use visual communication solution that combines professional grade cloud- and hardware-based technologies.

SpinetiX ARYA features a guided user experience and enables creation of visual content with a personalized color code and logo, as well as the images and videos that are readily available on a connected display. The solution comes with a free tier of service, enabling the user to gain hands-on experience with the cloud application including a set of nine templates with animations and transitions. In addition, users can set different content on any number of screens and have access to a live help chat to get guidance and provide their feedback.

SpinetiX says that this new cloud-based solution relies on advanced security protocols. SpinetiX ARYA features GDPR-compliance reinforced with the best-in-class AWS BSI C5 certification. To offer automatic and secure firmware updates, ARYA is also certified ISO/IEC 27001:2013 helping to ensure shared information assets are secure.

Here are all the details.